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Morris in the Museum in Bedford

Redbornstoke & Bedfordshire Lace Exhibition Higgins Museum 2020

It is not often Morris dancing can be said to have made history but Redbornstoke Morris (1976-2018) and Bedfordshire Lace Morris (1981-2016) are the focus of a new display at The Higgins Museum in Bedford.

Archive Film of Morris Dancing in Horsham 1989

West Sussex Morris Unwrapped – Morris in Horsham 1989 On 21st July, Screen Archive South East, in collaboration with partners at the West Sussex Record Office, made available a variety […]

Morris Matters Archive

The official archive of the Morris Matters magazine, dating back to January 1978, is now available to view online and/or download from our resources section. Included in the archive is a special collection of articles written by Roy Dommett, which were originally published in Morris Matters.

Legacy morris

Is it just this winter, or are lots of the old ‘greats’ dying off? Maybe it’s just an age thing. We dutifully made our wills when we married (both been […]

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