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Clogs in Britain and Beyond

This page contains brief details about the video recording; the video (embedded in the page); an abstract for the talk; links to additional resources;  speaker biography and a summary.

Video recording of talk

Recording of a Morris Federation talk on “Clogs in Britain and Beyond” by Michael Jackson held on Zoom on 13 March 2021. The #MorrisFedvideo lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes.



Michael Jackson will briefly cover the history of clog making in Britain.  He will consider European influences on British clogs, and vice versa, as well as comments of wooden footwear around the world.

Heritage clogs and wooden shoes, and clog-making tools, will be used to illustrate the talk, plus photographs and other old pictures.

Additional resources

Links to related resources:

Speaker biography

Michael Jackson grew up in Lancaster, a town where clogs were available from several retail outlets into the 1980s, and they were worn both for work and leisure. He bought his first pair in 1980 when he joined John O’Gaunt Morris Men.  Subsequently he has acquired many more pairs of clogs, and clog-making tools and memorabilia, sometimes as a result of generous donations. The collection includes not only many different examples of British clogs, but also styles of wooden shoes from around the world.

A couple of years ago, a talk in a local museum about clog making led to a piece in a local newspaper (repeated on a number of websites in the North West), which in turn led to an appearance on BBC1’s Bargain Hunt.

In a normal year, he can be seen dancing in clogs with Royal Preston Morris Dancers and Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men.  He can be seen dancing in other footwear with Abram Morris DancersMedlock RapperRegency Rejigged, and Seven Stars Sword and Step Dancers.

Until normal times return, Michael will continue to be busy with clog-related research.  He is preparing to re-publish an old history of clog-making in Britain, supplemented by his own research into people and businesses involved in the trade at the end of the nineteenth century.  This will be distributed as a PDF free-of-charge in Facebook groups, in order to reach as many people as possible.


  • Title: Clogs in Britain and Beyond
  • Speaker: Michael Jackson
  • Facilitator: Pauline Woods-Wilson
  • Type: talk
  • Date of talk: 13 March 2021
  • Date page published: 1 May 2023

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