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Celebration – North West Morris solo – Isolation Instructional

This page contains brief details about the video recording; the video (embedded in the page); an abstract for the talk; links to additional resources; speaker biography and summary.

Video recording of talk

Recording of a Morris Federation demonstration on “Celebration – North West Morris solo – Isolation Instructional” by John Earnshaw held on Zoom in Spring 2020.

The video lasts for 17 minutes.



A dance instructional video filmed for The Morris Federation during the Covid-19 isolation period in April 2020 to allow Morris dancers to learn a new solo dance. Danced and narrated by John Earnshaw of Wakefield Morris with musician Will Pound. Original video used by kind permission of Tracey Rose, owner of the videos of the John Gasson Jig Competition YouTube channel.

Additional resources

Links to related resources:

  • Event details – not available
  • Dance notation and music – PDF format
  • A summary of the four Isolation Instructional videos was given in the Morris Federation news item (PDF format)

Speaker biography

Not available


  • Title: Celebration – North West Morris solo – Isolation Instructional
  • Demonstrator: John Earnshaw with musician Will Pound
  • Facilitator: Pauline Woods-Wilson
  • Type: demonstration
  • Date of demonstration: April 2020
  • Date page published: 4 Apr 2024

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