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Adderbury Morris Men

This page contains brief details about the video recording; the video (embedded in the page); an abstract for the talk; links to additional resources;  speaker biography and a summary.

Video recording of talk

Recording of a Morris Federation talk on “Adderbury Morris Men” by various speakers held on Zoom on 25 April 2021. The #MorrisFedvideo lasts for 1 hour 44 minutes.



The history of morris dancing in Adderbury, the 1975 revival and what happened next, and the last 20 years.

On 26th April 1975,  95 years since their previous demise, Adderbury Morris seemed to spring fully formed into the world again. Of course this is only part of the revival story and hides what went on during the years before that momentous day.

The morris dancing tradition died out in Adderbury in the nineteenth century but we were fortunate that the dances were collected from the last surviving member of the original team, William Walton, in such detail by Janet Blunt and others that they could still be performed.

In this talk you will discover some history of morris dancing in Adderbury and what sparked the revival in 1975. You will also find out how the dancing developed over the years and what the Adderbury Morris Men do now.

Plus … Live music and videos. 

Additional resources

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Speaker biography

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  • Title: Adderbury Morris Men
  • Speakers: Tim Radford, Stephen & Verna Wass, Chris Leslie, David Gunby, David Moore and others
  • Facilitator: Pauline Woods-Wilson
  • Type: talk
  • Date of talk: 25 April 2021
  • Date page published: 2 May 2023

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