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Survey: Use of Instagram (2022)

About This Document

This document gives a survey of use of Instagram by morris and related traditional dance sides, based on information provided in profiles on the Morris Federation Teamfinder service.

Summary of Findings

The initial survey of use of the Instagram listed by sides in the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder service was carried out based on data collected on 13 August 20201 and updated on 1 September. A total of 24 Instagram accounts were found, with 1 profile containing a link to tagged posts provided by others.

A follow-up survey was carried out on 17 March 2022.

A summary of the findings for accounts which have posted over 250 followers for the two surveys is given below.

Team Instagram AccountNo. of followers
2022 (2021)
No. of posts
2022 (2021)
1Boss Morris3,976 (3,578)396 (381)
2Shrewsbury Morris1,056 (1,037)327 (287)
3Tower Ravens Rapper755156
4Hat Pin Crisis701 (572)107 (68)
5Silver Flame541 (513)168 (164)
6Sheffield Steel Rapper440 (423) 38 (38)
7Dr Turberville’s Morris422 (396)421 (407)
8Glastonbury Border Morris Dancers 309 (286) 19 (19)
9Offcumduns296 (263) 75 (71)
10Hemlock Morris29478
11Belles of London City 289 (258) 13 (23)
12Ironmen and Severn Gilders255173
13Lodestone Border Morris [account moved to here]39 [was 253]1
14Enigma Border Morris25223
TOTAL 9,6251,995
Table 1: Instagram accounts with over 250 followers

Observations (2021)

The Survey: Use of Instagram report contained a number of observations of the initial survey, which primarily covered the types of content used on team Instagram account. For example the Boss Morris account showed s examples of unconventional photographs and videos of morris dances; the Shrewsbury Morris account hosts a variety of types of photographs, including dancing, people, programmes, morris ‘artefacts’, computers, etc.; the Dr Turberville’s Morris account includes images of posters advertising their dance-outs; the Silver Flame account illustrates use of event stories’ (categories) such as Bath Time, DERT 2019, etc. The Boss Morris account also illustrates use of thematic stories (categories) such as Dance outs, Practice, Boss Kit, Portraits and Film.

Observations (2022)

The most noticeable change is the appearance on the Tower Ravens Rapper Instagram account – note that Tower Ravens joined the Morris Federation recently.

Note the URL for the Lodestone Border Morris account changed from lodestone_border_morris to lodestonebordermorris. However although the new address is easier to type (no need to search for the _ character) many of the followers did not subscribe to the new account, and the number of followers decreased from 253 to 39. This illustrates the dangers of changing account addresses!

Updating Your Team’s Profile on the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder

If you decide to create an Instagram channel (or if you have one which is not listed) we encourage you to add a link to the channel on your side’s profile on the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder service.

Page created: 17 Mar 2022

Page author: Brian Kelly

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