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Survey: Archive Copies of Morris Federation Team Websites

About This Document

This document provides an analysis of Morris Federation teams’ websites and, where available, archive copies of the websites held on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

Why the Interest in Digital Archives?

Morris and Traditional Dance Are Part of Our Cultural Heritage!

For many morris is a hobby. But morris, and other styles of traditional dance, is more than that: it also forms part of our cultural heritage and, as such, many have an interest in the history of dance sides. In addition to such broad interests many dancers and musicians will have specific interests in the history or sides they have performed with or have connections with.

In light of the aging profile of dancers and the dangers that the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown may have accelerated the closure of sides, it will be important to ensure that online information about sides is not lost.

Some Use Cases

Some examples of how access to archival copies of traditional dance team websites can benefit a range of groups are given below:

  • The former dancer who, in his retirement, wishes to reminisce about his time dancing as a youth.
  • The new member of the side who wants to find out a bit more about the history a side she has recently joining.
  • The event organiser who would like to know about the history of sides invited to a folk festival (and who doesn’t wish to visit Facebook pages).
  • The local historian who has heard that a side from the village has an interesting history which may be of interest for the local history group.
  • The local newspaper journalist who would like to write a feature article.
  • The cultural heritage historian who has an interest in the evolution of traditional dance, and wishes to explore a range of morris side websites.
  • The student studying on a folk-related degree course who feels that evolving attitudes to women in traditional dance would make an interesting project and would like to view resources published in the early 2000s.

You may be able to provide your own examples of additional use cases – feel free to get in touch and we’ll add them.

The Role of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine provides digital archives of public websites – and normally this is done automatically.

The survey described in this document summarises the findings of an analysis of Morris Federation sites which currently have a website, as listed on the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder service.


Data on team names and website URLs were exported from the Teamfinder service on 29 January 2022. Once data on individuals members was removed there were 500 records (note this may include a small number of records for sides which have folded recently but have not yet been removed from our database).

Of the 500 records no website was listed for 153 teams (note these teams may have a Facebook or other social media presence but no website listed). The status of website for the 347 teams with a website was analysed using the service and a total of 29 websites were either non-existent or appeared to have a configuration problem. We then notified team contacts about such problems and subsequently website entries were either removed from our database or entries updated with new URLs. There were subsequently 336 sides with a website listed which were analysed in the survey. The findings are given below.

Survey Findings

Executive Summary

There are:

  • 333 websites analyzed in the survey
  • 9 websites (3%) do not exist or have configurations problems
  • 4 websites are Facebook pages which are not archived.


From the table below we can see that archive copies are available for many sides – and in the case of 134 sides usable archives go back to 2001. Here are links to oldest of these archived websites: Alive and Kicking, Berkshire Bedlam, Bristol Jack in the Green, Full Moon Morris, Hook Eagle Morris Men, Invicta Morris, Kirtlington Morris, OBJ Morris, Pilgrim Morris, Ripon City Morris Dancers, Rose and Castle Morris, Stroud Morris Dancers, Weald of Kent Morris and Westminster Morris Men. (Note The Fabulous Fezheads has the oldest archive, dating back to 2000).

Some archives appear to be fairly complete and have the appearance of the main website. However others (for various technical reasons) may be missing images or have broken links to pages and do not have the appearance of the original pages.

What Could Your Side Do?

We encourage sides to check the following table and view the information for your side. If your archival website is missing images or looks strange you may wish to investigate further: this can be due to configuration settings on your website or the hosting company. Or if the most recent archive is incomplete, with key pages missing, you can request that such pages are included in a subsequent archive, as described in the Morris Federation’s document “Digital Preservation: Using the WayBack Machine“.

If you do not currently have a website listed in the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder service but had one previously, you may find that copies of the now-defunct website are held in the WayBack Machine but you will have to know the old domain name (or domain names if your side has had multiple websites during its life) which you can use with the WayBack Machine.

If you decided to use a Facebook page rather than a website (to avoid the costs and requirements of technical expertise to run a website) you will have to accept the loss of the WayBack Machine’s archiving capabilities.

The document “Digital Preservation: Using the WayBack Machine” provides further information about using the WayBack Machine.


Team Website Status of
Archive Link Archive Notes
Abram Morris Dancers   Archive 102 captures, 2002-2021
Acorn Morris   Archive 35 captures, 2009-2021
Adderbury Morris Men   Archive 39 captures, 2010-2021
Adlington Morris Men   Archive 40 captures, 2010-2021
Aelfgythe Border Morris   Archive 23 captures, 2010-2021
Aldbrickham Clog and Step Dancers   Archive 99 captures, 2002-2021
Alive & Kicking N W Morris   Archive 27 captures, 2009-2021
Alive and Kicking   Archive 96 captures, 2001-2020
Alton Morris   Archive 81 captures, 2002-2021
Anonymous Morris   Archive 70 captures, 2010-2021
Ansley Morris   Archive 17 captures, 2016-2021
Appleyard Traditional Dancers   Archive 24 captures, 2012-2021
Armaleggan   Archive 63 captures, 2011-2021
Aurora   Archive 1 capture, 2021-2021
Babylon   Archive 89 captures, 2004-2021
Bakanalia Border Morris   Archive 7 captures, 2009-2021
Baldock Midnight Morris   Archive 72 captures, 2005-2021
Bare Bones Border Morris   Archive 32 captures, 2003-2021
Barley Brigg Morris   Archive 49 captures, 2003-2021
Basingclog Morris   Archive 90 captures between 2003 & 2021
Beetlecrushers Clog and Step Dance Group   Archive 105 captures, 2005-2021
Beggars’ Oak Clog Dancers   Archive 22 captures, 2008-2021
Belfagan Women’s Morris   Archive 23 captures, 2016-2021
Belles & Broomsticks   Archive 35 captures, 2013-2021
Belles and Arrrows   Archive No captures
Belles of London City   Archive 9 captures, 2017-2021
Bells Angels   Archive 2 captures, 2021-2022
Berkshire Bedlam   Archive 119 captures, 2001-2021
Betty Lupton’s Ladle Laikers   Archive 71 captures, 2001-2021
Beverley Garland Dancers   Archive 31 captures, 2016-2021
Bideford Phoenix Morris   Archive 32 captures, 2008-2021
Bishop Gundulfs Morris 1. Doesn’t exist Archive 17 captures, 2016-2019
Black Adder Clog Morris   Archive 58 captures, 2010-2021
Black Annis   Archive 14 captures, 2020-2021
Black Bess Border Morris   Archive 2 captures, 2021-2021
Black Dragon Morris   Archive 40 captures, 2011-2021
Black Swan Border Morris   Archive 15 captures, 2017-2021
Black Swan Rapper 2. Doesn’t exist Archive 56 captures, 2004-2020
Boekka   Archive 4 captures, 2020-2020
Bootstrap Border Morris   Archive 8 captures, 2020-2021
Border Reivers Morris Facebook page (1) Archive Facebook page (not captured)
Borderline Morris (Devon)   Archive 47 captures, 2008-2021
Boss Morris   Archive 15 captures, 2017-2021
Boughton Monchelsea Morris   Archive 18 captures, 2011-2019
Bourne Borderers Mixed Morris   Archive 39 captures, 2009-2022
Bows ‘n’ Belles   Archive 25 captures, 2011-2021
Bradninch Millers Morris   Archive 17 captures, 2017-2021
Bradshaw Mummers   Archive 73 captures, 2003-2021
Brighton Morris Men   Archive 274 captures, 2002-2021
Bristol Jack in the Green   Archive 197 captures, 2001-2021
The Britannia Morris   Archive 24 captures, 2015-2021
Cardiff Morris   Archive 56 captures, 2006-2021
Carreg Las   Archive 59 captures, 2004-2021
Catseye Morris Facebook page (2) Archive Facebook page (not captured)
Charlbury Finstock Morris   Archive 65 captures, 2007-2022
Charnwood Clog Step Dancers   Archive 24 captures, 2010-2021
CHELMSFORD MORRIS   Archive 53 captures, 2012-2022
Chesterfield Garland Dancers   Archive 35 captures, 2010-2021
Chiltern Hundreds   Archive 35 captures, 2011-2021
Chinewrde Morris Dancers   Archive 73 captures, 2004-2021
Chingford Morris Men   Archive 47 captures, 2003-2021
Chip Off the Old   Archive 33 captures, 2013-2022
Chippenham Morris Men   Archive 2 captures, 2019-2021
Chobham St Lawrence Morris Dancers   Archive 50 captures, 2003-2021
City Clickers Clog and Step Dance group   Archive 38 captures, 2005-2021
Clausentum Morris   Archive 7 captures, 2018-2021
Clocs Canton   Archive 35 captures, 2006-2021
Clogarhythm   Archive 3 captures, 2020-2021
Cogs and Wheels Ladies’ Morris   Archive 64 captures, 2010-2021
Cornucopia   Archive 71 captures, 2007-2021
Coton Morris   Archive 9 captures, 2018-2022
Crook Morris   Archive 53 captures, 2003-2021
Crooked Moon   Archive 11 captures, 2020-2021
Cry Havoc   Archive 45 captures, 2008-2021
Customs And Exiles   Archive 56 captures, 2012-2021
Dacre Morris 3. Doesn’t exist Archive 9 captures, 2014-2020
Dancing Spires Rapper   Archive Redirect then 0 captures
Dark Horse Morris   Archive 27 captures, 2009-2021
Dartmoor Border Morris   Archive 85 captures, 2005-2022
Dead Horse Morris and the Broomdashers   Archive 59 captures, 2007-2022
Devizes Jubilee Morris   Archive 1 capture, 2021-2021
Ditchling Morris   Archive Redirect then 2 captures, 2021-2022
Ditchling Mummers   Archive Redirect then 2 captures, 2021-2022
Domesday Morris   Archive 24 captures, 201-2021
Dorset Buttons Morris   Archive 4 captures, 2017-2021
Ducklington Morris   Archive 60 captures, 2004-2022
East Kent Morris   Archive 84 captures, 2012-2021
Ebor Morris   Archive 148 captures, 2004-2022
Ellington Morris   Archive 25 captures, 2006-2022
England’s Glory Ladies Morris   Archive Redirect then 3 captures, 2021-2021
Enigma Border Morris   Archive 19 captures, 2015-2021
Exmoor Border Morris   Archive 32 captures, 2009-2021
Eynsham Morris   Archive 48 captures, 2010-2022
The Fabulous Fezheads   Archive 131 captures, 2000-2022
Feet First   Archive Redirect then 3 captures, 2016-2021
Festus Derriman Morris Dancers   Archive 9 captures, 2011-2021
Fiddle ‘n’ Feet   Archive 6 captures, 2018-2020
Fiddlesticks North West Clog 4. Doesn’t exist Archive Redirect then 4 captures, 2018-2022
Fidlers Fancy Womens Morris   Archive 12 captures, 2013-2021
Five Rivers Morris   Archive 41 captures, 2011-2022
The Flag and Bone gang   Archive 47 captures, 2001-2021
Fleet Morris   Archive 110 captures, 2002-2022
Fleur de Lys Morris   Archive 7 captures, 2020-2022
Fool’s Gambit Morris   Archive 22 captures, 2015-2021
Footnotes Appalachian   Archive 3 captures, 2013-2021
Forest of Dean Morris   Archive x captures, 2020-2021
Foxwhelp Morris   Archive 1 capture, 2021-2021
Full Moon Morris   Archive 100 captures, 2001-2021
Furness Morris   Archive 21 captures, 2015-2022
Fylde Coast Cloggers   Archive 86 captures, 2005-2021
Galliard Folk Dancers   Archive 2 captures, 2020-2022
Gaorsach Rapper and Step   Archive No captures
Garston Gallopers   Archive 42 captures, 2013-2022
Glastonbury Border Morris Dancers Facebook page (3) Archive Facebook page (not captured)
Glorishears of Brummagem, also performing as Brummie Gems Molly Dancers and Brummagem Mummers   Archive 65 captures, 2001 (not working)-2021
Glory of the West   Archive 38 captures, 2006-2022
Goathland Plough Stots   Archive 3 captures, 2021-2021
Granta Blue Morris   Archive 51 captures, 2011-2022
Great Western Morris   Archive 45 captures, 2016-2022
Green Dragon Morris   Archive 9 captures, 2018-2022
Green Ginger Garland Dancers   Archive 52 captures, 2012-2022
Green Man Sword   Archive 27 captures, 2018-2021
Greenwood Step Clog   Archive 44 captures, 2013-2022
Grenoside Sword Dancers   Archive Redirect then 20 captures, 2011-2022
Hammersmith Morris Men   Archive 60 captures, 2004-2022
Harberton Navy Morris   Archive 12 captures, 2013-2020
Harry Taylor’s Morris   Archive 14 captures, 2018-2021
Hastings Jack in the Green   Archive 5 captures, 2021-2022
Headcorn Morris   Archive 52 captures, 2010-2021
Hemlock Morris   Archive 52 captures, 2010-2022
Hereburgh Morris   Archive 48 captures, 2013-2022
Herring Gals   Archive 18 captures, 2020-2022
Hertfordshire Holly   Archive 24 captures, 2006-2021
Hexham Morris Men   Archive 95 captures, 2003-2021
Hexhamshire Lasses   Archive 95 captures, 2003-2021
Hibernian Arts Repertory Performers (Harp)   Archive 44 captures, 2013-2022
Highside Longsword   Archive 55 captures, 2002-2021
Hips and Haws   Archive 2 captures, 2016-2021
Holt Morris   Archive 24 captures, 2013-2022
Hook Eagle Morris Men   Archive 204 captures, 2001-2022
Hornbeam Molly   Archive 9 captures, 2017-2021
Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men   Archive 6 captures, 2020-2022
Hurst Morris People   Archive 154 captures, 2001-2021
The Illustrious Order of Fools and Beasts   Archive 53 captures, 2006-2021
Invicta Morris   Archive 82 captures, 2001-2021
Invictus Mugistis Equinus (I.M.E.)   Archive 3 captures, 2018-2022
Ironmen and Severn Gilders   Archive 13 captures, 2017-2021
Isambard’s Gasket Rats   Archive Redirect then 3 captures, 2017-2018
Isca Morris   Archive Redirect then 37 captures, 2017-2022
Jackstraws Morris   Archive 39 captures, 2010-2022
Jenny Pipes   Archive 32 captures, 2007-2021
Jerusalem Jammers   Archive 30 captures, 2013-2022
Kemp’s Men of Norwich   Archive Redirected. 109 captures, 2014-2021
Kern Morris   Archive 76 captures, 2003-2021
Kesteven Morris   Archive 20 captures, 2010-2022
Kingston Morris   Archive 13 captures, 2013-2022
Kirtlington Morris   Archive 143 captures, 2001-2022
Kits Coty Morris   Archive 4 captures, 2018-2019
Knaresborough Mummers   Archive 36 captures, 2002-2021
Knickerbocker Glory Appalachian Dance Team   Archive x captures, 2020-2021
The Knots of May   Archive 83 captures, 2008-2021
Leap to your feet/Soyaband   Archive 42 captures, 2007-2021
Leek Morris   Archive 10 captures, 2018-2021
Leven Sword   Archive No captures
Lizzie Dripping   Archive None
Lodestone Border Morris   Archive 13 captures, 2017-2021
Lymm Morris Dancers   Archive 3 captures, 2018-2021
Mabel Gubbins Rapper   Archive 22 captures, 2012-2021
Mad Jack’s Morris   Archive 363 captures, 2003-2021
MADDER MILL MOLLY   Archive 3 captures, 2021-2022
Magog   Archive 46 captures, 2009-2021
Maids Of The Mill Utrecht   Archive 53 captures, 2006-2021
Makeney Morris   Archive 23 captures, 2015-2021
Maldon GreenJackets Morris   Archive 8 captures, 2015-2022
Malmesbury Morris   Archive 81 captures, 2005-2021
Maltby Sword Dancers   Archive 24 captures, 2012-2021
Manor Mill Morris   Archive 43 captures, 2006-2021
Marlings Morris   Archive 50 captures, 2013-2020
Martha Rhoden’s Tuppenny Dish   Archive 90 captures, 2003-2021
Mary Rose & Royal George Morris   Archive 1 capture, 2021-2021
Masons Apron North West Clog Morris   Archive No captures
Mayflower Morris   Archive 76 captures, 2003-2021
Medlock Rapper   Archive 20 captures, 2016-2021
Mendip Morris   Archive 2 captures, 2019-2021
Merrydowners Morris   Archive 51 captures, 2008-2021
Milkmaid Molly   Archive 5 captures, 2016-2019
Minden Rose   Archive No captures
The Minster Strays   Archive 63 captures, 2005-2022
Miserden Morris   Archive 4 captures, 2018-2021
Mish Mash Morris   Archive No captures
Mockbeggar Morris   Archive 5 captures, 2020-2021
Mortimer’s Morris   Archive 80 captures, 2002-2022
Mr Wilkins’ Shilling   Archive 68 captures, 2004-2021
Mythago Morris   Archive No captures
Nancy Butterfly   Archive 50 captures, 2006-2021
New Esperance Morris   Archive 45 captures, 2015-2021
New Forest Meddlars   Archive x captures, 2020-2021
New Moon Morris   Archive 2 captures, 2018-2021
Newburgh Morris   Archive 3 captures, 2018-2021
Newcastle Kingsmen   Archive 151 captures, 2004-2022
Newton Bushel Morris   Archive 4 captures, 2018-2021
No Mean Feet   Archive 37 captures, 2007-2021
North American Morris Dance Organization   Archive 19 captures, 2016-2021
Northfields Morris   Archive 29 captures, 2017-2022
Northgate Rapper   Archive 112 captures, 2012-2021
NYFTE   Archive 119 captures, 2002-2020
Oakenhoof Voluntary Arts Organisation   Archive 61 captures, 2014-2022
OBJ Morris   Archive 134 captures, 2001-2022
Old Meg Morris   Archive No captures
Old Palace Clog   Archive 4 captures, 2021-2021
Old Speckled Hen   Archive 38 captures, 2011-2021
The Outside Capering Crew   Archive 69 captures, 2007-2021
Owlswick Morris   Archive No captures
Oxblood Molly   Archive No captures
The Oyster Girls   Archive 16 captures, 2013-2022
Pecsaetan Morris   Archive 61 captures, 2003-2021
Pennyroyal Garland Dancers   Archive 100 captures, 2001-2021
Pensans Morris   Archive 27 captures, 2011-2021
Persephone Women’s Northwest Morris   Archive 49 captures, 2007-2021
Phoenix Clog   Archive 9 captures, 2018-2021
Phoenix Morris   Archive 15 captures, 2019-2021
Pigsty Morris   Archive 66 captures, 2007-2022
Pilgrim Morris   Archive 126 captures, 2001-2022
Plum Jerkum Border Morris   Archive 50 captures, 2006-2021
Poacher Morris   Archive No captures
The Potterne Christmas Boys Facebook page (4) Archive Redirected then 0 captures
Powderkegs   Archive 79 captures, 2006-2021
Poynton Jemmers   Archive 50 captures, 2005-2021
Pretty Grim   Archive 7 captures, 2020-2022
Prize Old Mummers   Archive 11 captures, 2013-2021
Pump House Clog Morris   Archive 41 captures, 2013-2021
Quayside Cloggies of Poole   Archive 59 captures, 2002-2021
Queens Oak Morris   Archive 47 captures, 2004-2021
Rackaback Morris   Archive 46 captures, 2012-2021
Raddon Hill Clog Morris   Archive 17 captures, 2018-2021
Rag Morris   Archive Redirected. 13 captures, 2018-2021
Ragged and Old Morris   Archive 93 captures, 2003-2021
Rampant Rooster Morris   Archive 47 captures, 2008-2021
Ravens Morris   Archive 44 captures, 2015-2021
Red Cuthbert Morris   Archive 9 captures, 2018-2021
Red Stags Morris   Archive 32 captures, 2011-2021
Regency ReJigged   Archive 19 captures, 2009-2021
Ridgeway Step Clog   Archive 45 captures, 2013-2021
Ringheye Morris of Mobberley   Archive 38 captures, 2005-2021
Ripley Green Garters   Archive 27 captures, 2017-2021
Ripon City Morris Dancers   Archive 52 captures, 2001-2021
Rivington Morris   Archive 29 captures, 2006-2021
Rockhopper Morris   Archive 5 captures, 2015-2021
Rose and Castle Morris   Archive 118 captures, 2001-2021
Royal Oak Morris 5. Display “Error” message Archive 27 captures, 2013-2021
Rumburgh Morris   Archive 22 captures, 2010-2021
The Rumworth Morris   Archive 35 captures, 2007-2021
Ryknild Rabble   Archive 16 captures, 2016-2021
Sallyport Sword Dancers 6. Doesn’t exist (Wix error) Archive 8 captures, 20201-2021
The Seven Champions and Seven Sisters   Archive 7 captures, 2020-2021
Shalesbrook   Archive 14 captures, 2015-2021
Sharp And Blunt   Archive 3 captures, 2020-2021
Sharp Morris   Archive 7 captures, 2018-2021
Sheffield City Morris   Archive 4 captures, 2021-2021
Shrewsbury Morris (Shrewsbury Bull & Pump Morris Men, Shrewsbury Lasses, Shrewsbury Clog)   Archive 95 captures, 2007-2021
The Shropshire Bedlams   Archive 90 captures, 2003-2021
Shropshire Sharpshins Rapper   Archive 14 captures, 2013-2021
Shuffle the Deck   Archive 38 captures, 2006-2021
Sidmouth Steppers North West Morris   Archive 59 captures, 2008-2021
Silhill Morris   Archive 31 captures, 2013-2021
Silkstone Greens   Archive 39 captures, 2016-2022
Singleton Cloggers   Archive Redirect. 15 captures, 2012-2020
Six Jolly Miners   Archive Redirect then 0 captures
Slackmagirdle Border Morris   Archive 16 captures, 2017-2021
Slubbing Billys 7. Doesn’t exist (Wix error) Archive 37 captures, 2013-2021
Solway Morris   Archive 34 captures, 2004-2021
Somerset Morris   Archive 65 captures, 2002-2021
SomerStep   Archive 9 captures, 2017-2021
Sompting Village Morris   Archive 47 captures, 2015-2021
Southern Lights Dance Team   Archive No captures
Southern Star   Archive Redirect then 12 captures, 2017-2021
Sowerby Bridge Morris   Archive 16 captures, 2012-2021
Spank the Planks   Archive 3 captures, 2020-2021
Spirimawgus   Archive 35 captures, 2013-2021
St Albans Morris   Archive 12 captures, 2018-2021
St. Clements Clog   Archive No captures
Standon Morris   Archive No captures
Stockport Morris Men   Archive 38 captures, 2006-2021
Stone Monkey Sword Dancers   Archive No captures
Stone the Crows Border Morris   Archive Redirect then 17 captures, 2018-2021
Stony Redcaps (formerly Old Mother Redcaps)   Archive 10 captures, 2020-2021
Stony Steppers   Archive No captures
Stony Stratford Mummers   Archive Redirect. 47 captures, 2020-2020
Strictly Clog   Archive 21 captures, 2013-2021
Stroud Morris Dancers   Archive 111 captures, 2001-2021
Stroud Wassail   Archive 44 captures, 2015-2021
Sutton Masque   Archive Redirect. 17 captures, 2016-2021
Sweet Coppin   Archive 77 captures, 2004-2021
Taeppa’s Tump North West Morris   Archive 32 captures, 2010-2021
Tappalachian   Archive 44 captures, 2008-2021
The Tattered Court   Archive 12 captures, 2017-2021
Tatters and Tails Border Morris   Archive 2 captures, 2020-2021
Temporary Measured   Archive 6 captures, 2018-2021
Thrales (aka Thrales Rapper)   Archive 48 captures, 2010-2021
Three Horseshoes Morris   Archive 8 captures, 2018-2021
Three Spires Morris   Archive 15 captures, 2013-2021
Tinners Morris   Archive 25 captures, 2011-2021
T’Owd Man Border Morris   Archive No captures
Tower Ravens Rapper   Archive 12 captures, 2015-2021
Treacle Eater Clog   Archive 89 captures, 2004-2021
Dr Turberville’s Morris   Archive 21 captures, 2013-2021
Tywardreath Morris   Archive 27 captures, 2013-2021
Vale Islanders   Archive 40 captures, 2009-2021
Wakefield Morris Dancers   Archive 26 captures, 2011-2021
Warburton Soulers   Archive 27 captures, 2003-2022
Waters Green Morris   Archive 15 captures, 2013-2021
Way of the Wyrd Border Morris   Archive 19 captures, 2013-2021
Weald of Kent Morris   Archive 116 captures, 2001-2021
West Hill Morris 8. Doesn’t exist Archive Redirect then 5 captures, 2018-2019
Westminster Morris Men   Archive 226 captures, 2001-2021
Whip The Cat Rapper & Clog   Archive No captures
Whitethorn Morris   Archive 37 captures, 2008-2021
Wickham Morris   Archive 67 captures, 2004-2021
Wight Bells Morris Side   Archive 78 captures, 2005-2021
The Wild Hunt   Archive 105 captures, 2002-2022
Wild Weald Women   Archive 11 captures, 2016-2021
Wimberry Clog 9. Doesn’t exist Archive 10 captures, 2013-2019
Windsor Morris   Archive 52 captures, 2005-2022
Winkleigh Morris   Archive Redirect then 10 captures, 2020-2021
Winster Morris Dancers   Archive 15 captures, 2018-2021
Winterbourn Down Border Morris   Archive 9 captures, 2016-2021
Wolfshead and Vixen   Archive 36 captures, 2014-2021
Worthing Larks   Archive 4 captures, 2021-2021
Wreckers Morris Border Side   Archive 9 captures, 2020-2022
Wychwayz Border Morris   Archive 24 captures, 2016-2021
Wyld Morris   Archive 5 captures, 2018-2021
Yorkshire Chandelier   Archive 32 captures, 2010-2022
Young Miscellany   Archive 32 captures, 2008-2021

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Status of this Document

Document published: 6 Feb 2022

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This document is based on the "Survey of Archival Copies of Morris Federation Team Websites" document by Brian Kelly, Comms and IT volunteer with the Morris Federation.

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