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Case Study: Template

Morris Federation IT Case Study: Template

About this Document

This case study describes …. (provide a brief summary)


Provide the context to the case study



You might describe the problem the IT developments were attempting to address


You might describe the solution used.


You might provide evidence of the value of the work done.


You might describe any issues which arose, or things you have learnt.



  • This template is meant as a guide – you should feel free to structure your document as you see fit
  • We are happy to receive a case study in MS Word (or Open Office) format.
  • You can supply images (e.g. screenshots) – we will process them for publication

Accompanying images

Images can be useful (e.g. screenshots). Note your submission should not address the layout of the final appearance, as this is likely to be lost as the document is processed. Instead include a placeholder and title (e.g. Figure 1: The XXX Morris home page in the appropriate place in the text) and send the images as attachments when submotting the case study..

Notes for the editor

Add any notes for the editor here.

Status of this Document

Document created: dd MMM 2021

Document updated: dd MMM 2021

Licence for this Document

This document is available with a Creative Commons Sharealike (CC-BY) licence. In brief, this means you can copy and make changes to this document provided you give acknowledgements to the author/publisher. A suggested wording for acknowledgements is:

This document is based on the “title” document by author, affiliation.

About the Author

Author summary (feel free to include links to your side’s online resources).

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