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About Case Studies

About this Document

This document describes the ‘Case Studies’ section of the IT Resources area of the Morris Federation website.

Case Studies of Use of IT by Morris, Sword and Related Sides

Morris, sword and related dance sides use a variety of online services and other IT tools to support their activities including marketing, recruitment, team communications, dance tutorials, supporting musicians and singers and recording and preserving team memories.

Documenting how IT is being used can be helpful for a number of groups: (1) it can provide documentation for use by the team (if, for example, roles changes or people leave the side); (2) so that others can learn from your experiences; (3) allow others to comment on and provide feedback on your approaches; (4) raise the profile of your side and (5) raise the quality of use of IT by the entire community.

Share Your Experiences

In order to fulfil these goals, we invite people to provide case studies which document their use of IT and online services on topics of interest and relevance to the morris community.

Case studies need not be long or go into detailed technical descriptions. They should summarise what was done and for what purpose; summarise the benefits provided; give advice on lessons learnt or things you would do differently if you had to do it again and outlines any further developments planned.

Your case study should include a summary of your side and can also provide a profile of the author(s).

A case study template is available. However note this this is just a suggestion and need not be used.

About Case Studies

The case studies should address areas of IT which are of interest to members of the Morris Federation.

The subject area should be agreed before writing begins.

A document in MS Word format (or similar) is preferred.

Case studies will be edited, links and images added, before publication. Authors will be asked to check the document before it is published.

Case studies should be aligned with the Morris Federation’s area of work and its values. We reserve the right not to publish case studies.

We welcome brief biographical details of the author and the author’s side (if appropriate).


If you’d like to write a case study you should contact Brian Kelly, the Communications and IT volunteer with the Morris Federation (email


We welcome feedback on the case study resources. We also welcome suggestions for other IT-related topics which could be included. You can either:

Page author: Brian Kelly
Page updated: 24, 30 Sep 2021

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