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Fed Extra (Newsletter) issues: 2020 -

About the page

This page contains links to FedExtra (known as Newsletter up to 2015) which were published from 2020 (3 issues).  This page is intended primarily for checking links and search capabilities.  

A summary of the issues and links to the main entry point for each issue and the contents (PDF format) are available below.

A search interface for these issues is currently being tested.  Note we need to submit pages to Google for indexed, which can be time-consuming. The process for checking if resources have been indexed is to search for the volume month and year and issue number and then check that the table of contents page is shown and a relevant PDF is also shown (note the PDF should have a filename fedextra-xxxx-2020)


NumberIssueContent (PDF)Status
96Winter/Spring 2020PDF PDF indexed
97Spring/Summer 2023PDF Fully indexed
98Autumn/Winter 2023PDF Summary indexed
99JMO 20th Anniversary Special EditionPDF Summary indexed

Last checked 10 Mar 2024


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