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Expenses Policy

Committee members (and other people as instructed by the Committee) are eligible to claim payment of expenses for work undertaken for The Morris Federation, or where they are the agreed representative of The Morris Federation.

Expenses which may be claimed are:

  • Travel to and from meetings/events, based on 2nd class rail travel, or an allowance for car travel (at the mileage rate last agreed by the membership – currently 35p per mile), plus car parking and tolls.  A rate of 10p per mile for Electric Vehicles was agreed by the Committee in November 2023, to take effect immediately and be ratified at the next AGM.
  • Overnight accommodation where the distance travelled would be too great to undertake in one day, or for events lasting more than one day. Does not include an allowance for any food.
  • Conference/training/entrance fees.
  • Costs of printing, stationery and postage incurred.
  • Cost of phone calls made.

Exceptionally, payment of other items of expenses may be agreed.

Expenses for attending quarterly committee meetings and our AGM do not need to be agreed in advance.

Expenses for other events such as JMO meetings and DoDs, events of other allied organisations, events of organisations of which we are a member, or any other event, should be agreed in advance by the Treasurer and at least one other Committee member, to avoid a conflict of interest.  In these cases, and where appropriate, a summary report to the Committee is expected.

Expenses should be claimed within 6 months of the date of the expenditure.

The Archive Officer has an annual Budget for purchasing Library and Archive Materials, currently £200 p.a.

Volunteers can apply for branded merchandise to represent the MF, to the value of £45 over a 6-year period for Elected and Co-opted volunteers, and £12 over a 3-year period for ad-hoc volunteers.

Last updated: April 2024

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