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Archive & Notation Categories

Categories of Restriction for Archival/Notation Material

Category A – Archival Material

  • The Archive is normally accessible to members and others working on notation or research projects.
  • Most items in the Archive are covered by author’s copyright restrictions.
  • Material can be deposited in the Archive with access restrictions, the details of which should be made clear on a Restriction Form.
  • The Archive is indexed by author and/or subject but a full Index is as yet unpublished.

Category B – Restricted Notation

  • The notation files are normally accessible as given in A above, but only published material is covered by copyright restrictions.
  • Dance notation can have specific restrictions, the details of which must be given clearly on a Restriction Form attached to the notation(s). The name of each dance, or group of dances, is included on MF notation lists but is marked “* by special request only“.  Variants (including a team’s own interpretation of a dance) are listed as such and also starred.
  • Notation lists are sent out as requested.

Category C – Unrestricted Notation

  • Copies of the unrestricted contents of notation files are made available to enquirers. As much information on the source and background of the dance(s) is included as possible (or as is reasonable).  If appropriate, a contact for practical instruction in the dance can be added.
  • Titles of dances or groups of dances are noted on a list which is sent out on request.

Notes on Restriction

1. The following are examples of restrictions which may be put on notation:

  • The side requests that teams contact them before they perform this dance in public.
  • MF should inform the side when, and to whom, a copy of this dance is sent out. MF should refer requests for this dance to the side.
  • The dance should only be shown to those with regular access to the archive.
  • The notation should be kept in a sealed envelope (probably with a time limit).

2. A time limit may be specified on whatever restriction is imposed.

3. It may be necessary to specify a course of action if contacts given when the material was    originally lodged prove inaccessible at some future date.  (e.g. Restriction can be lifted.)

If you have material you would like to lodge with the Morris Federation, please contact the Notation or Archive Officer, who should be able to advise you and can supply you with Restriction Form(s).

Last updated: November 2001

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