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The FedExtra magazine was not produced in 2021 & 2022 due to Covid.  Note that some issues up to 2020 may contain drawings and/or images of performers wearing full face black makeup, and are not intended to cause offence, but are there for historical context.  

Newsletter Winter 2011

What is it, I wonder, that impels intelligent people to to forego the warmth and comfort of a fireside armchair to dance on a windswept pub forecourt in the depths of winter? Last year I battled through snow and ice to maintain our Boxing Day dancing ‘tradition’ at our favourite rural pub. No such problem this year, but with family commitments and so on reducing available numbers to single figures I was expecting a fairly low-key event. Well, my spirits were uplifted way beyond all expectations. Though small in number gave a full and enjoyable performance to an appreciative audience. I wouldn’t have given a thought of swapping it for my armchair by the fire!

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Newsletter Autumn 2011

In this issue there is an added bonus – two extra pages containing Paul White’s column (arrived too late for printed edition) and some extra photographs. Another advantage of the on-line magazine is that all the photographs are in colour, rather than just the cover and possibly inside centre pages. So, all of you who are happy to access the on-line Newsletter, please tell all your colleagues how to find it and extol its advantages!

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Newsletter Summer 2011

Once again the morris welcomes in the May with dancing at remote and unpopulated locations at an ungodly hour for those who really like to get into the spirit of things, or to the masses at festivals, fetes and such like. Some sides have already travelled to foreign parts, and many are planning to do so during the summer. Apart from these, and other regular features, the Summer Newsletter includes ideas on recruitment and training, the place of traditional dance in fiction, and much more!

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Newsletter Spring 2011

Mummers and wassailers didn’t let the weather curb their customary appearance over the festive season, the Cheltenham Folk Festival in February brought morris dancers out on the streets again, there’s a new side in Adderbury to look forward to at the village day of dance in April, and Great Western have persuaded Roy Dommett to come out of retirement to lead a workshop in Exeter.

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Newsletter Winter 2010

The Sticklepath Strangler, M.O. Recruitment Conference, Paul White’s moving memories, Lincoln Morris Day, Betty’s ‘Gels’, Where it’s all happening, SVM Rapper Video, Event-ful years, 20th anniversaries, Sticks to ashes, Yorkshire Chandelier, Myles Away

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Newsletter Autumn 2010

Betty Reynolds – an appreciation, Tinner’s Rabbits, Youthful enthusiasm, Great Western’s 40th, Red Cogs in Baldock, Paul White beside the sea, John Kirkpatrick interview, What’s in a name, Flagcrackers of Craven, Abroad for pleasure, A Ragged and Old summer, A grave moment

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Newsletter Summer 2010

JMO Day of Dance, Interview: Hexhamshire Lasses, Kettle Bridge across the pond, Following father’s footsteps, Paul White’s flag cracking time, Oh to be a mummer, Fresh rapping, Hands around Gorkha, St George’s Day and May Day, Workshop reports

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Newsletter Spring 2010

BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Where charity begins, Fleet of Foot after 25 years, Interview with Chaz Oldham, Upton – but not as we know it, Phoenix on the box, Anyone for ASDA?, In Remembrance – Alan Green, Paul White’s Diary, Morris Futures, DERT 2010, Flora and Anchor – spread the word

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Newsletter Autumn 2009

Goth Morris = evolution?, Missive from Oz – the Squire of the Australasian Ring, Living in the past – change or die?, Ten years after – a look back at Whitby ’99, Our most experienced dancer?, D-Unit Morris – love and morris goes global, Who owns your image – and should it be the BNP?, PEL still kicking after five years, Paul White – on festivals, A stitch in time, Here we go again – all blacked up and nowhere to go

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Newsletter Summer 2009

Personal Accident Insurance – an update, TV or not TV? – get paid a fair rate?, People dancing – cultural olympiad report, Art for arts sake? – is morris an art?, Boris’s bash not hooked on Hook, Motley making the May, Getting to know your council officers, Question time with John Ellis of Hook Eagle, Morris dancing meets Change4Life, JMO Nottingham Revels – accounts, Paul White – adventures in France, Mumming and the PEL

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