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thumbnail of 1998-winterEditor: Jude Nancarrow

Published: Winter 1998

Number: 18

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#Editor: Judi Nancarrow
#Citation: Morris Federation Newsletter, Winter 1998,


Well, another bumper edition this time, including photos and a write up of the AGM. (Thanks go to Christina Pritchard of Red Stags for this indeed a long way to travel, glad it was worth it.)

In fact we were blessed with the best weather to have been enjoyed in these parts for some time. And it was good to see so many sides, some of whom had indeed travelled a long way. As will be mentioned later, it was sad that so few sides from the North attended, inspite of being given every encouragement to do so, in particular more local sides in Lancashire and Yorkshire ….. however, it was a very good, if very tiring weekend!! for

There has been a massive response to our constant requests articles for the newsletter. Consequently, I am forced to say for the first time, SORRY if your article does not appear in this issue, it has not been ignored or put to one side, but held over for another issue due to lack of space! But, don’t stop sending them in … there will no doubt be many interesting and fun activities taking place over the festive season, so don’t forget to write up what you do, invite others to something, ot advertise your workshop, day of dance etc here!!

In this issue:
Presidents Prologue: Janet reviews the AGM, and our aims and ethos into the next century.
General: Beth reviews Newsletter subscription.
Financial Services: the AGM, and Personal Accident Insurance renewals will be issued by Rachel, T shirts, what colours would you like?? Please let Rachel know.
Archive: Information about MAGNet. Federation Archive Group is to meet in the New year, and the outcome of the injuries survey.
Notation: Rhian provides the notation for the Raglan dance Mountain Ash, originally danced by the Bantam Cocks.
Events: Jethro has information and booking forms for two workshops to be held in the New Morris Federation Winter 1998 Year, also the diary of events.

Additional articles have been supplied by, Christina Pritchard, (mentioned previously) Nicola Boualt, of Mortimers Morris, on the subject of the next A GM, amongst other things, Festival funding and Morris 2000 are detailed by Janet Dowling, together with more Morris in the Media.

Focus on Youth this time takes us to Leamington Spa, and Whitenash Primry School, courtesy of Maureen Darby. Bob Crosby tells of a great Rapper Workshop, and of sponsorship obtaind by his side, which has many names!! An unusual ritual is brought to our attention by Val Day, from Elephant-up-a-Pole … it certainly does sound more entertaining than a trip to Tesco.

And Finally information about when to see again the BBC Video about Morris Dancing which has already been broadest to schools this year, together with further information about the video.

So, thank you to those mentioned above whose articles have been included this time, and thanks again to those of you whose articles I am still hanging on to, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Copy date for the next issue is 1st February.

In the meantime, wrap up warm, but keep dancing!

Jude Nancarrow


  • President’s Prologue
  • Editorial
  • General
  • Financial
  • Archive
  • Notation
  • Events
  • Diary
  • A Flagcracking Event
  • The Gallery
  • Hastings Jack in the Green
  • Noticeboard
  • Mortimers Morris
  • Millennium & Morris 2000
  • Focus on Youth
  • Mr. Bean Goes Rapper Dancing
  • Elephant up a Pole
  • Morris in the Media
  • BBC Video Broadcast Schedule 1999
  • Goods List




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