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thumbnail of 2006-summerEditor: Doug Bradshaw

Published: Summer 2006

Number: 46

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This edition seems to be a cornucopia of sword dancing with both rapper and longsword featuring in the mix. Which makes me wonder if the rattle of steel and stepping is the new rage in the world of traditional dance. That is of course assuming that you can have a “new” rage in a traditional world. But as Sue White of Herbaceous Border says it’s a tradition if you do the same thing more than one-year running.

One thing is for certain and that is that there are some terrific young teams coming through the rapper world. Valknut the winners of “Most Unusual Dance Location” at DERT seem to be another college based team who at I guess a sixteen years of age average have two and a half years dancing already under their sashes. And Maltby Phoenix have been reborn as Sandbeck Sword and continue to win acclaim.

Meanwhile John Bacon, the subject of this edition’s ten questions is out there offering Morris tasters to the schools of his area whilst down in the south-west I hear tales of the deeds of Ashleys Rise. What with Dogrose and Hammersmith making TV appearances could this be the leading edge of the next revival?


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