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Editor: Judi Nancarrow

Published: Summer 1997

Number: 12

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#Editor: Judi Nancarrow
#Citation: Morris Federation Newsletter, Spring 1997,


Judging by the comments and stories filtering back from all over the country, May Day and May Bank holiday weekend were a great success and enjoyed by a great many people! My thanks to Hook Eagle Morris for their contribution to the newsletter, and the pictorial evidence of their May Day activities.

I enjoyed the Upton weekend, along with the many other sides who danced there come rain or shine! And my thanks to the Lady and Gentlemen who invited Paul and myself to dance, (and in so doing caused the heavens to open) outside the Heritage Centre in Upton on Sunday. Cotswold in clogs …. it reminded me that my days with New Esperance were a long time ago!!!

There have been several contributions for inclusion in the diary pages, I hope none have been missed, thanks for these. There are several other articles in this issue which I have received from members, and which I hope will be of interest and even of some use!! Don’t forget, your news, views and information are always welcome.

The Federation is looking to compile a list of suppliers I manufacturers dealing with all things Morris (Ribbons, Bells, Clogs, Clothing, Hats etc). If you would like to be included in this list (and perhaps future issues of this newsletter), please send me details of your trade.

My apologies for the missing names and addresses on the back of the last issue, in particular to Lynn’ This situation rectified now, I hope!

Lastly, my thanks for helping to put this issue together go to Paul, who is better at the tricky technological bits than I am!!

Wishing you all a fine dancing summer in every sense, let us know what you’ve been up to.


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