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Editor: Colin Andrews

Published: Spring 2012

Number: 69


If some clubs seem to feature regularly in Newsletter articles while other clubs never appear it is largely down to the efficiency or otherwise of the club’s publicity officer. I make a selection for publication basically from what I receive – in practice almost all submissions get published. So, if there is something of general interest in which your side is involved, please let me have some pics and an article. Please keep the article reasonably concise, otherwise I may have to apply the pruning shears! Member clubs do have a very important role in making the Newsletter worth reading.

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  • BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards
  • Interview with Simon Pipe
  • Paul White’s Diary
  • Wassail to Hook Eagle’s 21st
  • Buttercross Belles in Prague
  • The Christmas Clog
  • Jam and Jerusalem
  • Bourne Borderers Weekend
  • 20 Years and it’s still Bedlam
  • JMO Day of Dance
  • Belfagan’s Charity
  • Last But One Step Beyond
  • Morris on the Pis(te)
  • EPIC Nomination




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