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thumbnail of 2005-springEditor: Doug Bradshaw

Published: Spring 2005

Number: 41

Download: Newsletter Spring 2005 (1Mb)


So here we are then first edition of the newsletter under the care and control of the new editor. Is control the word I’m looking for there I ask myself as I wrestle with the output from Mr Gates gnomes? Anyway with a generally optimistic view that fortune favours the foolhardy I have welded together an edition that may be a little rough round the edges and might benefit from some smoothing down here and there but “Hey” if I never hear from you then how will I know?

So if your gorge fills with bile at something you see in this edition then drop me a line and get it out of your system – it’s good therapy. Conversely if your heart was gladdened and uplifted by an item then let me know and I’ll accept all the credit. The really neat thing about human beings is that quite often the same item in print can evoke the two emotions depending on the reader. Now talking of divergent emotions there seems to be little divergence on the subject of festivals – so far. Generally down beat though for different reasons if the two items received for this edition are to be taken as representative. Is there a debate here? Do you care or are festivals something that just don’t bother you? If you have an opinion then lets hear from you.

One thing this issue lacks is pictures. If you have a cracking photo then send it in and I’ll find a spot for it I’m sure. Topical, funny, action packed or just plain cute, a picture is worth a thousand words they say and if it saves me writing that thousand I’m all for it.



Useful Contacts 2
President’s Prologue 4
PEL The saga goes on 5
Committee News 7
Letters to Editor 8
Fisheraid 9
Festivals – Fairplay 10
Foxs Morris 12
Sidmouth Update 13
Wrecker to Wed 14
Dawn Dancer 15
Hazel Absolom Obituary 16
Tsunami Appeal 17
Plough Monday in Essex 18
St. Pirans Day 19
Ripley on Tour 20
Sid Kipper Part 2 22
Calendar of Events 24
St Georges Competition 26
Jack in the Green 27
Shop 28




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