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Editor: Judi Nancarrow

Published: Spring 1998

Number: 15

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#Editor: Judi Nancarrow
#Citation: Morris Federation Newsletter, Spring 1998,


Welcome to this quarters bumper edition!!

From the Officers:

Beth and Rachel draw your attention to responses which are required, please check in case your team IS affected by these. Rhian has met with Roy Dommett and attended the Notation Group Meeting,_ she reports on both. Lynn requests any information you may have regarding clog makers, and reports on the Morris Archive Group and MAGNet. On the events side Jethro presents excerpts from an internet discussion, and invites you to join in, if you should feel inclined so to do.

For the first time in ages we have a very full notlceboard- don’t forget, if you have any requests, announcements or short articles they can be included here.


Janet has been prolific for this issue, there are several articles hot off her keyboard- some important information and requests relating to May Day, so please respond to her regarding these. There is also a reminder of the dates on which the BBC video filmed last year, Morris and the National Curriculum, is to be shown. She has been taking careful note of the various cameo rolls played by Morris Dancing in Films and on television of late, if you have any more information please let us know. The results of the Morris and Younger People survey are also published in this issue.


As always I would like to say thank you to to the authors of other articles submitted this time- to Jane Marsh for her report on the Blood Booze and Bedlam workshop, which was obviously a great success, Sarah Crofts from Dacre Morris for her article Arts for Everyone, (from responses to the Newsletter questionaire, this is the kind of thing several people have suggested information on) Jane Dickins who kindly submitted the poem penned for Belfagan Womens Morris, Barry Simper from Merrydowners, good luck with your search for more musicians, Jenny Clarke for information about Morris 99 and Wendy Bostock from Yorkshire Coast Morris for the information about Scarborough Fayre.

In her letter Wendy asked me to mention that the reason some teams may not have received their usual invitation is purely an oversight due to the necessary redistribution of responsibilities for organising the event since the recent death of Gordon Crowther. Hence a booking form is enclosed with this issue tor any side who would li~e to attend. If you have any queries please direct them to Howard Marsh. (His address is contained on the information sheet & booking form).

We also have an update from Dick Taylor about the proposed millenium celebrations at the Yorkshire Show Ground in 2000, together with some information from Flagcrackers about this years AGM- don’t miss it!

Newsletter Questionnaire

So far we have just about had a ten per cent response, which is pretty good. However, if you would still like to respond, then please do so, as the findings will not be discussed until the next committee meeting in April, and the results suggestions and recommendations published in the next issue. Thanks to all those who have already replied.


For those of you not on the Internet, please do not worry, all renewal forms and general information from the Federation will still be sent to you in the post as usual.

Next Issue

As we are approaching May Day copy date for the next issue will be 15th May, so please send in your articles, anecdotes, photos etc from your May Day and May weekend adventures! Plus anything else you’d like anyone to know!

And finally, have a good start to the season!


  • President’s Prologue 4
  • Editorial 5
  • General 6
  • Financial 6
  • Technical Services 7
  • Events 8
  • Blood Booze & Bedlam 11
  • Diary 12
  • Noticeboard 13
  • Publicity, Morris & May Day Revels 15
  • May Day Morris & the Internet 17
  • Morris & the National Curriculum 17
  • Films, TV & Videotape 18
  • Dacre Morris Arts for Everyone 19
  • Background to Resolutions about AGM Dancing 21
  • Belfagan Womens Morris 22
  • Morris & Young People’s Survey 23
  • Scarborough Fayre Traditional English
  • Morris Dancing Festival1999 24
  • Flagcrackers of Craven Millenium Update 25
  • Flagcrackers of Craven AGM Update 25
  • Scarborough Fayre Festival 1998 26




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