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Editor: Colin Andrews

Published: Autumn 2011

Number: 67


In this issue there is an added bonus – two extra pages containing Paul White’s column (arrived too late for printed edition) and some extra photographs. Another advantage of the on-line magazine is that all the photographs are in colour, rather than just the cover and possibly inside centre pages. So, all of you who are happy to access the on-line Newsletter, please tell all your colleagues how to find it and extol its advantages!

Download: Newsletter Autumn 2011 (4Mb)


  • Tubby Renolds – An Inspiration
  • The Battle of Plumpton Ridge
  • Save DoT Campaign
  • Mile High Tour of Adderbury
  • Maybe the Smallest Morris Side
  • Roosters- Much To Crow About
  • Women Bikers Meet Morris Women
  • Customs & Exiles One Year On
  • Locomotion For Life
  • Sompting For The Weekend Sir?
  • New Beginnings
  • Pensans Morris
  • Sark Folk Festival
  • Black Horse & Standard
  • Paul White’s Column: Bombs With Songs?




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