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thumbnail of 2008-autumnEditor: Doug Bradshaw

Published: Autumn 2008

Number: 55

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I’m just back from a week in France where Fylde Coast Cloggers and Wakefield were dancing. The two sides enjoyed a wonderful, if sometimes wet, week taking in the atmosphere and culture of the west of France.

Fortunately the weather stayed dry for the dancing and as well as our own displays at tourist spots we were able to join in two local festivals and see how the French treat their traditions of dance. The contrast with the way the English treat their own traditions was an eye opener to say the least. The Bretons fielded teams of dancers in traditional dress where the styles of dress identified the region or even the town that the dress came from. Variations in embroidery or head-dress could identify the area or status of the wearer. More to the point the audience knew what these variations were and took an obvious pride in seeing the tradition being kept alive.

When the formal displays were over the music carried on and without any need for prompting the crowd formed circles or joined up in couples to carry on dancing. From the tiniest tots through parents and on to grandparents the whole crowd joined in the celebration of their culture. More amazingly even though drink was being taken there were no drunks in evidence. If one who had drunk well if not wisely looked like trying to join the throng a stern look from a matriarch soon saw them sheepishly retreating. To quote from the Steve Knightly song “Roots”: “What have they got right that we got wrong?” 


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