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thumbnail of 2004-autumnEditor:  Nicola Rushton

Published: Autumn 2004

Number: 39

Download: Newsletter Autumn 2004 (1Mb)


Another packed edition. Plenty of Summer holiday reading! In order for this to arrive on your doorsteps well in advance of the AGM, I’ve had to send it to the printers the day before going on holiday! Therefore, what you are reading is literally ‘hot off the press’ and hasn’t had its usual final check and fine tune. I hope you find it in good enough order!

In the last (Summer) edition of the newsletter I printed a photo of a group of young men Longsword dancing. It’s thought the photo was taken in the 1930s. I invited you to identify the team, and I’m pleased to say that one reader believes they are ‘East Harptree’ of Somerset. Do you know any different?

Also in the last edition I wrongly credited a drawing of a pair of clogs – the credit should have been to George Butterworth. Apologies, George.

I hope you like the front cover photo on this edition. It’s of a relatively new team of Cotswold dancers from Sheffield. They’re called Pecsaetan. The picture was taken at Crook Morris ‘s weekend of dance in the Lake District. I think you’ll agree it shows how energetic and passionate the women are about their dancing.

Happy reading!



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