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thumbnail of 2018-winterspringEditor: Sam Ross
Published: Winter/Spring 2018
Number: 91

Download: FedExtra Winter/Spring 2018 (4Mb)

The events that led to the Bucknell Pipe and Tabor being discovered and reunited, women teams win over DERT 2018, Simon Brock takes us on the second stage of his journey to becoming a clog maker, Judith Proctor talks about creating, adapting and sharing dances, Phil and Pat Honeysett celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary, New Esperance Morris welcome you to our AGM and Festival of Dance, a women’s day of dance in celebration of Maud Karpeles, plus pictures of Whittlesey Straw Bear, birthday celebrations and more…


#Editor: Sam Ross
#Citation: FedExtra, Winter/Spring 2018,



04: Welcome to the winter/spring issue: editorial and committee contacts
05: President’s prologue: reflections on changing attitudes towards women
07: Boughton Morris: Send them your memories of the team in pictures and videos
08: Bucknell Pipe and Tabor: the events that led to their discovery and reuniting
10: Mockbeggar Morris: 25 years of dancing North-West in the North-West
12: Rooster News: Dorking’s Rampant Rooster Morris is celebrating 25 years
13: Lancashire and Cheshire Clog Dance Competitions: an introduction
14: Sharing Dances: Judith Proctor tells how her team created and adapted dances
16: Carn Brae, Looking Back – Looking Forward: their weekend of dance
17: DERT 2018: three of the best women’s teams take first, second and third prizes
18: Phil and Pat Honeysett: celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary
19 & 39: Paul White’s Diary: two instalments from the itinerant morris columnist
20: Our AGM & festival of dance: New Esperance Morris welcome you to London
22: Becoming a Clog Maker: the second part of Simon Brock’s journey
24: Jackstraws’ 40th: rounding up members to join in their celebrations this year
26:  Folk Costume Archive: Chloe Middleton-Meltcalfe gives a project update
27: Somerset Morris: the thriving north-east Somerset women’s side is seeking musicians
28: Hammersmith Morris: keeping friendships and traditions alive in Vienna
30: Dancing for Maud: A women’s day of dance in celebration of Maud Karpeles
32: City Clickers Workshop: the annual clog workshop held in Bristol
33: Halesworth Day of Dance: cancelling was not an option, even with nationwide snow
34: Winterbourn Down: revisiting Catalonia and re-kindling friendships after 15 years
36: Furness Clog Dancers: ‘charity triple whammy’ raises money for local and national causes
37: Crook Morris Wassail, Grimspound Border and the Folk Play Website Relaunch
38: Whittlesey Straw Bear in pictures and dates for your diary




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