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thumbnail of 2017-summerEditor: Sam Ross
Published: Summer 2017
Number: 89

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Priya Sundar and Lisa Heywood fuse the dance and music of Bharatanatyam and morris, Ron Shuttleworth’s Folk Play Collection is now available to view at Sheffield University, Dr Turberville’s Morris grabs the headlines on St George’s Day in Somerset, Wakefield Morris celebrate their fourth Ossett Beercart, The JMO Day of Dance in pictures, Simon Costin gives an update on The Museum of British Folklore, Mary and Mike Wilson-Jones are honoured at Cecil Sharp House with EFDSS Gold Badges, an introduction to the Fools & Beasts Unconvention for the uninitiated, JKL Videos of Sidmouth Folk Festival 1987-2004 are now available on DVD, plus Paul White’s Diary, Leek Morris visit Italy, and four more teams turn 40!


#Editor: Sam Ross
#Citation: FedExtra, Summer 2017,



04: Welcome to the Summer issue: a message from the editor
04: Contact your committee: details of how to get in touch
05: President’s prologue: Morris Census, JMO day of Dance, and a reminder of our AGM
06: Morris-Natyam: English and Indian musicians and dancers collaborate
07: The Ron Shuttleworth Folk Play Collection: now at Sheffield University
08: Kirtlington Lamb Ale: Melanie Barber interviews Bob Dunlop
10: Dr Turberville’s Morris: grabbing the headlines on St George’s Day
11: Betty Lupton’s Ladle Laikers: 40 years of dancing in and around Yorkshire
12: Cuckoo’s Nest Morris: 40 glorious years of dance in Brighton and beyond
13: Chesterfield Garland Dancers: celebrating 40 years of dancing in Derbyshire
13: Sweet Coppin: reaching the grand young age of 40 years of clog dancing in Taunton
14: Wakefield Morris: celebrating their fourth successful Ossett Beercart
15: Hook Eagle Morris: a roundup of events and dance-outs
16: The JMO Day of Dance: pics of the day, hosted by Leicester Morrismen
18: The Museum of British Folklore: Simon Costin tells the story so far…
20: EFDSS Gold Badges: Mary and Mike Wilson-Jones are honoured at C# House
21: The Knights of King Ina: an introduction to the team and their jig workshops
22: One Stop Morris Shop: Jenny Everett talks to Natasha Bojanovski
23: The Histories of the Morris in Britain: an overview of the conference held at C# House
24: A most unconventional weekend: an intro to Fools & Beasts for the uninitiated
27: Ravens Morris: Fantastic Beasts and how to handle them – in high winds!
28: Leek Morris: enjoying the sun and ‘mille complimenti‘ in Este, Italy
29: JKL Video: Sidmouth Folk Festival 1987-2004 now available on DVD
31: Paul White’s Diary: A question of kit. Who cares? And sparks flying in Hull
32: Morris goods and Morris Fed merchandise: something you’d like to see? Tell us!




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