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Workshop – Using Digital for Recruitment and Marketing: No IT Expertise Needed! – Brian Kelly (LIVE on Zoom)

Sunday 10 December 2023, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

MF Zoom workshop - IT for Marketing 5

Accompanying resources

This workshop has taken place.  However for those interested in the topic the following resources related to this workshop are available:

Workshop – Using Digital for Recruitment and Marketing: No IT Expertise Needed! – Brian Kelly

Morris dancing is fun; you know that. The name ‘morris’ is well-known: “Oh look – it’s morris dancers” will be a cry uttered by many who see dance spots (and even rapper dancers have probably been asked “Which one’s Maurice?”).  And yet it seems many sides seem to be struggling to get new members. 

Over the past two years the Morris Federation has been exploring ways in which digital technologies can be used to support marketing and recruitment activities. 

We know that many (although by no means all) sides have limited technical expertise – or interests in spending time in front of a computer (or typing information into a small smart phone). So the focus of our work has been on developments to the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder service – all you need to do is to add content to your profile (and if you have problems doing that – perhaps on a small phone – you can contact us so we can explore alternatives)  

We now have evidence from about 100 early adopters of the benefits of providing rich descriptions in their side’s Teamfinder profile – Google “#poachermorris” to see how a single search term, the side’s hashtag, can be used to provide access to the side’s main profile pages and embedded videos! Note that if you add a hashtag for your side to your profile you can include this in posters and flyers – and even announce “If you’ve taken photos of videos of our dance display tag them ‘hash ambridge morris’ if you share them online” (use your side’s hashtag!) 

Or use a search query likely to be used by potential new dancers such as “looking for friendly mixed morris side in Dorset” 

But in order to convert those with a general interest into potential recruits it’s best to make use of video clips showing your side performing. 

A Google search for  #swanagefolkfestival video” should find clips of #MendipMorris, #GarstonGallopers and #SarumMorris who contributed to one of three videos which promoted this year’s Swanage Folk Festival.  

This provides an example of how we can provide video content for an online community (those with an interest in a folk festival) which also promotes the featured dance side. In this example the videos were amongst the most watched Morris Federation videos of the year – and reached an audience beyond popular Morris dance Facebook groups. 

Sign up for the “Using Digital for Recruitment and Marketing: No IT Expertise Needed!” Zoom workshop to find out how your side can exploit recent IT developments to its Teamfinder service – as well as finding out about best practices for using video clips for recruitment and marketing. 

To register

Please complete this online form: Workshop – Using Digital for Recruitment and Marketing: No IT Expertise Needed! – you will receive a confirmation email immediately (check your spam/junk/promotions folder!).  We will send you a Zoom link a couple of days before the event.  Open to all – you don’t have to be a member of a team in The Morris Federation.

Your host

Brian Kelly joined the Newcastle Kingsmen in 1978 and performed with them at festivals throughout the UK and Across Europe. He has danced with several other sword and Cotswold Morris sides but now dances a few times a year with Haymarket Rapper.

In his professional career  Brian helped set up the UK’s first university website and spent 17 years as a national web adviser to UK Universities, advising them on best practices for using the Web.  In his retirement Brian is now advising Morris Federation sides on how they can use digital technologies for recruitment and marketing.


The Morris Federation’s IT Resources: Advice and Support page contains access to almost 50 documents on best practices for making use of IT to support your side’s activities.

Note as well as YouTube we’ll also explore the potential of TikTok – a video sharing service which is particularly popular with young people, especially for viewing on mobile phones.  Here’s an example of a TikTok video used to promote this workshop (it will be interesting to see which has more views – the TikTok video, the video shared on Facebook or the video posted to Twitter!)

@ukwebfocusUsing Digital for Recruitment and Marketing No IT Expertise Needed! #MorrisFed♬ original sound – Brian Kelly


Sunday 10 December 2023
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Online over Zoom

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