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Joint Morris Organisations’ Day of Dance 2017

The JMO Day of Dance is a collaborative event organised in turn by one of the three morris organisations in the UK – The Morris Federation, The Morris Ring, and Open Morris.

Each year the JMO Day of Dance is held in a different location. The three organisations rotate the organisation of the event with a member side offering to plan and host the day.

The day of dance is a celebration of morris and traditional dancing. Groups from the three organisations, and performing many different types of traditional dance, will be present in one location for one day only. This is probably the biggest annual gathering of morris dancers in the world.

2017’s host side Leicester Morrismen were formed in 1953, and initially met just to learn the dances, with an occasional demonstration. They perform Cotwold Morris in the summer, and Border Morris in the winter months under the guise of ‘Red Leicester’.

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