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Joint Morris Organisations’ Day of Dance 2024 (Newark)

Joint Morris Organisations’ Day of Dance 2024 (Newark)

The JMO National Day of Dance is a collaborative event organised in turn by one of the three Morris organisations in the UK – The Morris Federation, The Morris Ring, and Open Morris. The day of dance is a celebration of Morris and traditional dancing held annually at a different location around the UK.

In 2024 the day of dance is on Saturday 13th April 2024 in Newark-on Trent, Nottinghamshire, hosted by Trentside Holmes Morris on behalf of The Morris Federation, and supported by Lincoln & Micklebarrow Morris Men (The Morris Ring) and Rattlejag Morris.

Details of who is dancing where and when and a map of the locations:

There are 36 sides booked to attend. For more information, please email:

Name of side Dance style(s) County Org Web site Side hashtag
Adlington Morris Men Cotswold Stockport, Greater Manchester MF, MR
Alford Morris Cotswold / Border Alford, Lincolnshire OM Facebook page for Alford Morris
Anstey Royale Chalfont North West Quorn, Leicestershire MF Facebook page for Anstey Royale Chalfont
Bakanalia Border Morris Border Leicester, Leicestershire MF #BakanaliaBorderMorris
Bedcote Moris Cotswold Stourbridge, West Midlands OM Facebook page for Bedcote Morris
Beggars’ Oak Clog Dancers North West Rugeley,  Staffordshire MF
Black Annis Cotswold Leicester, Leicestershire MF
Black Adder Morris North West Birmingham, West Midlands MF
Bourne Borderers Border Bourne, Lincolnshire MF
Chip Off The Old Cotswold Derby, Derbyshire MF #ChipOffTheOld
Crosskey Clog North West and Clog Step Newborough, Cambridgeshire OM
Dukes Dandy Clog Step Retford, Nottinghamshire MF Facebook page for Dukes Dandy #DukesDandy
Fenstanton Morris Cotswold Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire OM Facebook page for Fenstanton Morris
Greenwood Step Clog Clog Step Nottingham, Nottinghamshire MF
Grimsby Morris Cotswold Grimsby, Lincolnshire MR
Hemlock Morris Cotswold & Border Bedford, Bedfordshire MF #HemlockMorris
Illustrious Order of Fools and Beasts Fools & Beasts Various MF, MR, OM
Jockey Morris Cotswold Birmingham, West Midlands MR
Knights of King Ina (KOKI) Cotswold Jigs Langport, Somerset, with members from across UK and overseas MF #KnightsofKingIna
Leicester Morris Cotswold Leicester, Leicestershire MR
Letchworth Morris Cotswold Letchworth, Hertfordshire MR
Lincoln & Micklebarrow Cotswold Newark, Nottinghamshire MR Facebook page for Lincoln & Micklebarrow
Maids of Clifton North West Nottingham, Nottinghamshire MF Facebook page for The Maids of Clifton
Makara Morris Border nr Driffield, Yorkshire MF
Milltown Cloggies North West Dukinfield, Greater Manchester MF Facebook page for Milltown Cloggies
Minster Strays Cotswold York, Yorkshire MF #MinsterStrays
New St George Morris Cotswold Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire MF Facebook page for New St George Morris
Ragged Oak Border Bromsgrove, West Midlands OM Facebook page for Ragged Oak
Rattlejag Morris Plough Morris Retford, Nottinghamshire MF
Rutland Morris Cotswold Oakham, Rutland MR
Sullivan’s Sword Longsword Nottingham, Nottinghamshire OM
Sutton Masque Border Ely, Cambridgeshire MF
T’Owd Man Border Morris Border Matlock, Derbyshire MF #towdmanmorris
Trentside Holmes Cotswold Sutton on Trent, Nottinghamshire MF Facebook page for Trentside Holmes
Way of the Wyrd Border Loughborough, Leicestershire MF
Wharfedale Wayzgoose Border Otley, West Yorkshire OM

Org Information:
MF – The Morris Federation
OM – Open Morris
MR – Morris Ring

#MorrisFedevent #MorrisFedevents

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