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Talk – “Getting to the Top of Google (and Other IT Issues)” – Brian Kelly (LIVE on Zoom)

Recording of event

This talk took place using the Zoom video service on 3 April 2021. A recording of the talk is available on YouTube: “Getting to the Top of Google (and Other IT Issues)” In addition you can also watch the following shorter recordings of rehearsals of the talks given:

A review of the talk is also available.

Talk – “Getting to the Top of Google (and Other IT Issues)” – Brian Kelly

“How do we get to the top of Google?” is a question you might be asking, especially if you’re looking to recruit new members or you want to make it easier for event organisers to find information about your side.

We provide two different approaches which you can use (for free!) to help get information (including photos and videos) of your side to the first page of Google results – and we’ll provide evidence of the effectiveness of these approaches which, as you can see from the results of a search for “Mixed morris side near me” is working for at least two sides in the south west.

We’ll also explain how you may be able get information about your side to the first page of Google results even if you don’t have a website – this session isn’t just for IT geeks!

The workshop will address a number of IT-related issues, including those covered in documents available from the IT Resources: Advice and Support area of the Morris Federation, including digital preservation and governance of IT systems, written by Brian Kelly, the Communications and IT volunteer for the Morris Federation.

But rather than simply listening to a talk from Brian we would like the session to be interactive and participative and will invite attendees to give a brief summary of up to three aspects of their side’s IT work they are particularly proud of, areas they’d particularly like to hear more of and, for those who are willing to be open and transparent, perhaps even things that have gone wrong in your side’s use of IT!

To register

Please complete this online form: Register for the Talk -“Getting to the Top of Google (and Other IT Issues)”; you will receive a confirmation email immediately (check your spam/junk/promotions folder!).  We will send you a Zoom link a couple of days before the event.  Open to all – you don’t have to be a member of a team in The Morris Federation.

Optional Donations

Optional donations can be made to the DEC Ukraine – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal 


See more advice and guidance in the IT Resources: Advice and Support area of the Morris Federation, including digital preservation and governance of IT systems.

Your host

Brian Kelly is probably best known in the Morris and Rapper world for his performances as a comic character with the Newcastle Kingsmen, having won many DERT prizes with Chris Pitt and the Kingsmen over 30 years of performing together, not only at DERT events and festivals including Broadstairs, Whitby and Sidmouth. Brian has also taken part in overseas trips to folk festivals in places including Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Syria. 

In addition to dancing with the Newcastle Kingsmen, Brian has also danced with a number of other rapper and sword teams including Sallyport Sword, Black Cap, Northgate Rapper and Haymarket Rapper, whom he currently dances with (they’re the experienced and mature dancers and musicians from the Newcastle Kingsmen who are difficult to find, restricting their performances normally to three weekends a year in towns and cities will good pubs with wooden floors!)  Brian has also danced Cotswold for Green Ginger Morris and, more recently, with Wyld Morris – although he is happy to confess that he dances Cotswold like an aging rapper dancer (although his hocklebacks may be embarrassing to watch, he did publish a total of 40 weekly YouTube shows for Wyld Morris during Wyld Morris’ 10th anniversary year)!  

During his working life, Brian worked in IT and became known for setting up probably the first university website in the UK (in 1992, when fewer than 100 companies have published details of their website!). In 1996 he was employed at UKOLN, University of Bath as UK Web Focus, a national adviser about the web for UK universities. Brian gave over 400 talks during his time at UKOLN throughout the UK and at conferences around the world.  He particularly remembers attending a conference in Brisbane, Australia when the technical infrastructure (the ‘page ranking) for a new search engine developed at Stanford University – yes, it was Google! 

Brian is now enjoying using his IT and web skills and experiences to support the Morris Federation, Morris Federation team members and, through his participation in JMO events, the wider Morris community.  


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