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Morris Dance and Teams Database (MDDB) – requests for updates

This is a request for information to go into the Morris Dance & Teams Database (MDDB). The aim is to provide an easily searchable database of all the Morris teams, including related dance styles such as Sword and Molly, and which dances each team does. We do not document dance Notation, as some teams have their own unique dances which they prefer not to publish, but we do link to teams’ web sites where they may choose to include that information.

Go to: Morris Dance & Teams Database (MDDB)

Your help in providing details of your side’s repertoire would be much appreciated. You can either:

  • add details yourself – click Contact to request editorial access. You can then: Add dances to your repertoire – including own dances / Edit your side’s details and repertoire / Add notes on your variations, sources, etc. to ANY dance, or 
  • fill out a form available on the web site (PDF, DOC or ODT), fill it in and email it as directed on the form

MDDB 2023 image

A link from your website to would be much appreciated. The database will link to your website or Facebook page. Thank you for your co-operation.

This is an update on the MDDB:

The Morris Dance Database, sponsored by the Morris Federation and the Morris Ring, continues to provide a comprehensive reference facility for all aspects of Morris and related forms of dance world-wide, with over 4,000 dances and over 1400 teams listed. Most recently added features include year of formation (& demise where appropriate) of a side, and the facility to add archive information and participation in folk customs such as Mumming and Wassailing.

Ideally, information about a side/team/club should be added or amended by a team editor for that side but there are still many sides who have not yet requested and registered for such team access. There is no cost involved! For those sides who have registered it is important to log in from time to time to ensure that club information and listed dance repertoire is up to date. Notation of dances is not posted on the database but a link to where notation is available can be added.

One issue that the database aims to address is the provenance of new dances. Many are already attributed to the side (or individual) who devised them but others are still ‘unknown tradition’. If your side does perform ‘new’ dances either of your own or ‘borrowed’ from elsewhere please check on the website. Inevitably, some dances moving from one side to another will get adapted and sometimes even renamed.

Any information that can be provided would be most welcome. I am always willing to answer any queries and consider any suggestions for improving the Morris Dance Database.

Colin Andrews
MDDB Administrator

Colin is a member of Winkleigh Morris (The Morris Federation) and Exeter Morris Men (The Morris Ring). He is a former editor of The Morris Federation Newsletter, and currently New Dance Collaborator for The Morris Ring.

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