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What’s On (December 2021 onwards)

A round up of online talks, diary dates for dancing out, and in-case-you-missed-it recorded events.

Online FedTalks in December



The latest and correct list will always be at: More online events coming in January to March.  How to access an online event: Register for an event, and a couple of days before we’ll email you a Zoom link to access it.  We are also recording most of our events, which will appear on the MF YouTube channel when they have been processed.

For more events see: MF Events


Dancing out in 2022

Bookings are open for DERT and the JMO DoD in Liverpool:



  • Saturday 23rd September 2023 in Shropshire – the MF Day of Dance and AGM hosted by Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden’s Tuppenny Dish.  Save the date for now.


(ICYMI) Who were the sword dancers?

Nürnberg Schwerttanz der Messerer 1600

“Who were the sword dancers, and why did they do it?” – Talk by Andrew Kennedy (1hr 27min) plus link to a PDF of his slides.  Records of sword dancing can be found dating as far back as the fourteenth century, and enough books and articles have been written about it to form a small library.  Andrew Kennedy & Rattle Up My Boys magazineMuch of what has been written focuses upon the action, the events.  This talk takes a look at the people who danced, focusing on Britain and northern Europe from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century, and in particular at certain rare cases where we can investigate individual named dancers and find out a surprising amount about them.

See more talks on the MF YouTube Channel


(ICYMI) Festival time at Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Folk Festival has most of its concerts from 2021 online on YouTube: see Shrewsbury YouTube channel 


Events from other orgs


Hope to see you at an event soon.

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