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Online events up until mid May

MF spring sessions coverMore Morris History, and a chance to learn a couple more dances.

If you need more exercise then we are very impressed with teams that are doing Rhys Boorman’s workouts together at their online practice sessions.

The big ones are the JMO Day of Dance on Sat 24th April – everyone from all 3 morris orgs welcome.  (The JMO is the Joint Morris Organisations – the Morris Federation, the Morris Ring and Open Morris) and our ‘Workshop Showcase’ Day on Sun 9th May – come along to perform together all the dances we’ve learned in our online workshops this winter, so get practising.

Come along to our events (LIVE on Zoom)

Click on the links below to find out more and to register.  The latest and correct list will always be at: Also posted on Facebook at:

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 April 2021

May 2021

We are having a break from online weekend events after 15th May, and starting again in the winter, so do please get in touch if you would like to offer a talk or workshop, or suggest someone else to run one!

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In other news …

Morris Federation’s Day of Dance & AGM in September

We’ve made the sad decision to cancel the Day of Dance in September with hosts Customs and Exiles, who have been ever so patient and we thank them for all their hard work planning this event.  So this year’s AGM will be held online over Zoom on Saturday 25th September 2021.

Next year we’ll look forward to seeing you in person in Darlington as hosts of Black Diamond Mixed Cotswold Morris on Saturday 24th September 2022.

Fancy being our Events Officer?

It has been a lot of fun organising these events for you, and we’ve already had requests and volunteers to run online events over Winter 2021/22.  So we now have a role of ‘Events Officer’ up for grabs.  If you fancy helping make our events happen, which includes liaising with potential speakers/workshop leaders, creating web pages, managing the bookings, emailing registrants and hosting the events, please email Pauline at with info about your experience and what you would be happy to contribute.

We need your video editing skills!

We’ve been recording most of the online events, but it takes a lot of time to do a professional job on them to edit out all the little interruptions, and add the branding and credits.  If you have some spare time and video editing skills and would like to help edit our videos for posterity, or even create new videos, then please email Sally Smith, our Communications Officer, at with info about your experience and how you could help.

Hope to see you at one of our events soon!

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