Talk about How to Make a Morris beast

Here is a review of a talk by Geoff Roberts, assisted by Katie Palmer-Heathman, on how to make a morris beast, held on 23rd January over Zoom, attended by around 50 participants.  Geoff’s latest creation is a real life Giddy horse from the “Giddy Up At Whitby book” (available at Waterstones).  You can see the video of the How to Make a Beast talk on the MF YouTube channel.

David Carpenter writes:

Giddy Head Preparation“That was most interesting – Geoff and Katie did a good job of demonstrating the development, care and feeding of the hobby horse.

“The multiple stages of building were clearly laid out and the demonstrations of the various parts were clear and easy to follow.

“This is a very substantial looking structure and looks to be made to last. The general template could be adapted to create different animals such as a bull or dragon without too much difficulty, a bit of imagination being the only requirement there.

Giddy's head“The advice as to how not to do things and alternative ways of doing things is obviously going to be useful to anyone who is going to build themselves an animal ‘totem’ for their side or mummer’s group etc.

“The suggestions as to different animals (and penguin) in the chat and questions were interesting and the answers are going to be helpful.

“Another good Morris Federation production for the quarantined generation 🙂

by David Carpenter, a member of Stone the Crows Border Morris and Brigantii Border Morris

Donations from workshop participants raised money for the Alzheimer’s Society 

You can see the video of the How to Make a Beast talk on the MF YouTube channel.

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