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Face Paint Changes

At the AGM on Saturday 26th September 2020, the membership passed a resolution saying that no members will wear full face black makeup after the end of this year.

We remain committed to working with our member teams who are affected by this, and would like to hear from them; we have tried to contact teams we know will be affected, but accept that many will have wanted to wait until the results of AGM before making a final decision within their teams.

The full resolution is:

“From 1st January 2021 no member team, participants in a team, or individual member shall use any solid full face coloured makeup which could be taken by a reasonable observer as likely to imitate or parody a skin colour different from their own.”

It asks all member teams to review their policy on their use of makeup to ensure it meets the published Face Paint Guidance. The Committee are also instructed to refuse membership (from January 2021) to any team that chooses not to comply.  Teams are perfectly entitled to make their own choice, and can continue to perform as they have always done, but will not be (re-)admitted to membership of The Morris Federation.

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