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St George’s Day Lone Morris #StGeorgesLMF

Following the International success of the #LoneMorrisFestival on Sat 21st March 2020, it was repeated as the St George’s Day bash on Saturday 25th April 2020, being the nearest Saturday to St George’s Day.  Morris dancers up and down the country put on their morris kit and danced and played their instruments in their gardens or close locality.

Jenny Strike, of Bournemouth-based Holly Copse Molly, trained her two shelties (Shetland sheep dogs), called Chestnut and Pandemonium, to join a dance in her back garden in Child Okeford, Dorset, with a dance she wrote called ‘Regent’s Bark’.  Here it is set to music by Mark Rogers:

Simon Pipe from Warwickshire danced a 15-second broom dance:

See more dance-based fun by searching for the hashtag #StGeorgesLMF.  See posts tagged #StGeorgesLMF on ‘How many Morris Dancers are on Facebook?’

The next Lone Morris Festival will be at dawn (around 05:31) on Friday 1st May, although this should be a silent Lone Morris Festival so as not to annoy the neighbours.  Participants are encouraged to post the name of their morris/dance team and the name of the dance they are lone dancing, with the hashtag #MayDayLMF.

Kath Brickell of Anonymous Morris from Poole, Dorset, started the first Lone Morris Festival.

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