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Learn a solo North West Morris dance

The second solo dance to be released in the ‘Isolation Instructionals’ series of videos made during the Covid-19 outbreak is a dance in the North West style called Celebration.  It is so called because it celebrates some of the different types of steps to be found in North West Morris dances.

It is danced and taught by John Earnshaw of Wakefield Morris from West Yorkshire, with musician Will Pound.  The original video was taken from John performing it at the John Gasson Jig Competition held at the annual Sidmouth Folk Festival.

It can be danced solo, or for as many as will, in whatever direction works for the number of dancers.

A link to the Notation and Music is included in the description, along with ‘jump to’ links so you can go back to wherever you left off learning.

See The Morris Federation’s Youtube channel for this video and more as they become available.

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