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Seven Sisters and Seven Champions on the radio

photo of Seven Sisters Molly Dancers
Seven Sisters Molly Dancers

Tracey and Chris Rose appeared on The Folk Show on 3rd February 2020 talking to Nicky Stockman about the Seven Champions and Seven Sisters Molly Dancers from Kent. They met up with Nicky at the end of the Mark Jones Day of Dance which is hosted by Ouse Washes and is a Molly-only day of dance. Nicky was interested to learn about the Molly Dancing in Kent, as it is very different from the Molly Dancing from the Fens.

Tracey talked about the Seven Sisters Molly Dancers who are the sister team to the Seven Champions. The style of the Seven Sisters has its starting point as the dances of Paddington Pandemonic Express, and is being developed as new dances are written.  It is different from the style of the Seven Champions.

Listen to them at 2hr 42m on The Folk Show 3rd Feb 2020

To find out more about the teams, see: Seven Sisters Molly Dancers and Seven Champions Molly Dancers

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