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Dancing for Maud Karpeles

Maud Karpeles’ work in folk dance and song collection as well as her contribution as organiser and arts animator supreme has been increasingly recognised and re-evaluated by the folk dance revival. Still her work is largely over-shadowed by the prestige accorded to Cecil Sharp, under whom she worked closely as secretary and support for many years.

On Sunday 1st of October 2017, The Belles of London City hosted a day of dance to celebrate the life of Maud Karpeles (1885-1976), with New Esperance MorrisDacre MorrisCamden Clog, and Tower Ravens Rapper.  This includes visiting and dancing in places that were important to Maud and remembering her contribution to folk dance.

Read the full article in the FedExtra magazine, Winter/Spring 2018, pages 30-31

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