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I didn’t know women were allowed to do that!

An extract from the exhibition to celebrate The Morris Federation’s 40th anniversary in 2015:

Maids of Barum, 1976
Maids of Barum, 1976

The 1970s brought about lots of changes for women, it was a period of women’s liberation, a chance for many women to have new freedoms and try new things, and morris dancing was no exception. The first team that was formed was Bath City in October 1971, and other early teams included Cardiff Ladies, Derby Crown, Ladies of Green Willow and Maids of Barum. The idea of an organisation of women’s teams was raised in 1973 and after an advert sent out via EFDSS, the wheels were set in motion to set up The Women’s Morris Federation in 1975.

Read the full article in the FedExtra magazine, Winter/Spring 2017, page 12

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